Today on "I'm in Hell" talk radio... / by laurel

This week I found myself in the nightmare version of my life: creeping through interminable traffic on my neverending commute to work (advanced training: Rancho to Torrance=4 hours of daily forehead-bashing against the steering wheel).

I did find considerable inspiration in the various forms of tagging along the 110 (getting your name on an overpass, I'm told, is like the holy grail of punk kids everywhere. Ah hah.) ... however, my audio french lessons could only get me so far (I can now say, "I'm very tired." But I don't know how to write it because, as I mentioned, it's audio french lessons).

Let me get to the point: could save your life, my life, or anyone's life who has ever braved the concrete at 8am on a monday.