friends / by laurel

So I live alone (much to my utter vexation), but two weeks ago I welcomed a new member into my household: Boo Radley, my attack cactus (Attacktus!). I found Boo at the farmer's market in Monrovia (a MUST see...seriously. Organic soap, too...most excellent), and picked him because he was the smallest, yet fiercest looking cactus on the cart.

Boo Radley sits on top of my TV, facing the door (it's the best position for serious potential attacking), and we cohabitate together quite nicely.


Lately, I've been noticing that there are a plethora of critters around my apartment without homes. They used to keep their distance, but lately I've noticed them creeping closer and closer to my swanky Junior One Bedroom digs. It seems said creatures think that the Chateau d'Laurel is open for business.

Cases in point.

The fly. I spent the better part of an hour chasing it around my kitchen with my shoe, whacking ceiling tiles and flourescent lights.

The Grasshopper. Two weeks ago, I spied a grasshopper perched above my door for a couple of nights in a row. Interesting...says I, He seems awfully opportunistic for a grasshopper.

Indeed. A few days ago, I noticed the perpetrator sitting on my welcome mat! Welcome? I think not. I shot him the evil eye and slammed the door behind me. Tonight Boo Radley and I were watching TV (Well, I was watching TV; Boo Radley was obediently watching the door), and what did I see?

THAT GRASSHOPPER CAME INSIDE MY JUNIOR ONE BEDROOM! And not only that, when I tried to whack him with my shoe, he jumped across the living room--like a psycho kangaroo! Damn you, grasshopper. You met your demise tonight.

Which brings me to my point: last time I entered my apartment, the most disturbing critter of all was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.

It was a possum.

Stay tuned.