Two Truths and a Truth / by laurel

If you're anything like me, your life is forever spent trying to find a fitting soundtrack. Either you hear a song and it perfectly aligns with and folds into something that is currently happening (think Sigur Ros, "Se Lest" at the very moment of a downpour in San Marino on a tuesday morning, for example), or you hear a song and its sentiments echo something that practically screams at the goings on (though not at this very second) of your real life ("Not About Love" by Fiona Apple comes to mind).

Either way, as much as I'd like to think that the music I resonate with most is complicated, wounded, erratic, or dissonant (think Radiohead. Or PJ Harvey), the truth of the matter is, on the spectrum of musical depth, I, sadly, float somewhere in the creme-colored realm of Coldplay. Soaring melodies. Sensitive, poetic lovelorn lyrics. Mostly executed in the Jim Adkins-and-the-Goodtime-Gang's-favorite major key.

I'm a puppy-faced, sad sack, heart-on-the-sleeve sap, alright? No two ways around it. For me, the best type of music is the kind that calls to mind images of stars, of sky, of sparkly things and floaty things and hair blowing in the breeze. Call it what you will (I call it painfully cliché, but that's just me) but nothing quite snags my heartstrings like the summer-vacation-first-love-first-crush-first-kiss-first-krispie-creme-doughnut kind of sonic sentiment.

For those moments, those soaring emotional highs and dripping emotional lows, and for every calm, contented stretch in between, here are my picks for this week.

Explosions in the Sky, The World Is Not a Cold Place (especially the brooding, soaring, heartwrenching "Your Hand in Mine")
The Wrens, The Meadowlands
Sun Kil Moon, Ghosts of the Great Highway (Wandering, nostalgic, like a memory you never quite had)
Stars, Heart (This album in particular is for the lover in us all; the hopeful, the cynical, or the wounded. It is the aural equivalent of a car ride, windows down, vocals rushing like nighttime air over bare skin)

Go ahead. Make a fist and embrace the eyes-closed-rose-colored romantic sap within you.