Waist not, want not / by laurel

I should title this: We're getting freaky like it's 1894.

Apparently tired of forever alienating the ever-growing sect of Colorblind individuals, fashion designers at New York's Fashion Week had unanimously decided to reach out to those who are ocularly challenged.

Eschewing any sort of hue or shade that might slightly resemble a primary color (or permutation thereof), designers have instead chosen their color palate inexplicably from the murky Los Angeles skyline.

Varying (and infinite) shades of tan, brown, taupe, khaki, dust, sand, nude, chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, dirt, soot, charcoal, gray, grey, asphalt, black, almost-black, and almost-nearly-black abounded on runways from Calvin Klein to Zac Posen. Even Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera's frocks looked sewn with a heavy hand. Not only is the color palate a downer, but the fabrics and silhouettes echo a general consensus that staring at the ground is the only place to gather inspiration.

Also conspicuously missing from the runway was visible skin. Whether swathed in duchess satin, tweed, chiffon, gloves, or hosiery, it seemed the only visible epidermis was on the face (and the faces, I might add, were dour, sour, and lifeless--no doubt a reflection of the dowdy clothes).

Waists are nipped and tucked, but shoulders are square and boxy--to fend of the Color Police, undoubtedly. In fact, aside from the occasional leather belt, the over all silhouette of most runways reflected a utilitarian ideal that your clothes should grow with you--even if you happen to grow five sizes or more.

It leads me to believe that designers are returning to an earlier time, a time when communism threatened to invade Austria. A time when fraulein Maria danced and skipped and sang about her 'favorite things,' (and in this case, it is the drapes from which designers in New York fashioned their entire lines). A time when the garb of the sisters at the convent was as nipped or tucked or scandalous as you'd find this side of the Alps.

As they always say, waist not, want not.

Monique Lhuillier

J Mendel

Pamella Roland

Proenza Schouler

*all images courtesy of nymag.com