summer reading list II / by laurel

last summer I went on a voracious book-reading binge, and posted a list of my summer readings. This summer is no's the list, two asterisks for books I've finished, one for books I've almost finished, and none for books I want to read but haven't yet.

"Errands" Judith Guest**
"Generation X" Douglas Coupland**
"In Our Time" Ernest Hemingway**
"On the Road" Jack Kerouac*

(Those were all from last summer, and I finally finished them this summer. Except for "On the Road," which I'm almost finished with. But not quite.)

"Killing Yourself to Live" Chuck Klosterman**
"America" Jean Baudrillard**
"Fargo Rock City" Chuck Klosterman
"JPod" Douglas Coupland**
"Life After God" Douglas Coupland**
"Polaroids From the Dead" Douglas Coupland** (I read this last summer, but I read it again this summer, counts, right?)

I think I need to expand my authorial repertoire. Does anyone have any suggestions?