but the benefits rule! / by laurel

A blog written by one of my coworkers, demonstrating a typical afternoon over here at the Pink Wonderland. In this case, we were discussing alternatives to air conditioning, since the wall unit that bears the responsibility of keeping our entire offiice cool usually fails miserably:

"So today we were doing the usual stream of consciousness out loud speaking and it went sort of like this:

byron: I think we should have inverted wetsuits where the water is inside to keep cool.

me: no no no. then you'll get all pruney. that's no good. what about your room filled with water idea?

byron: yes yes, just one big wading pool.

me: yeah, where you can all share the cold water. everyone's feet in one pool of water.

byron: that's right!

me: oh how about a wetsuit with ice in it?

laurel: NO! you'll get frostbite!

me: ok ok. what about a suit that has water in the lining so that the water doesn't actually touch your skin and you won't get pruney?

byron: even better yet. an underwater tank where you have one of those tube things like paraplegic's have to do things. so the tube would move your mouse.

laurel(while laughing): an underwater tank where you have a tube like paraplegic's?!

And then we all turned away and resumed work. yes, this is what we do all day i swear...and then....

My boss and laurel began throwing a cherry tomato back and forth to see if they could get it into each other's mouths. but they failed every time and just kept catching it or having it hit them in the chest. moving their heads around like dogs trying to catch the ball on their hind legs. no success."

I should add that had I actually caught the cherry tomato in my mouth, I'd have been sorely disappointed, as I hate tomatoes.