Quick! Quick! One Week Only! / by laurel

(link is only available for one week, so download quickly my musical cherubs)

I already did my civic duty and shared this tidbit with Jessica, but the more i listened to the tunes, the more I realized I had to do my civic duty to the REST of y'all and share, share, share. This is a pick from James' blog, a song by Vampire Weekend (apparently the next shit-hot up and coming NY indie scene thing...which, predictably, makes me wretch a little because you KNOW how I feel about that shit-hot indie scene. Despite, I suppose, being on the fringes of it. But you KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

Aaaaaanyway. James does the best job describing it, really, and he goes right out there to point out that the fanbase of this band are douchbags in the highest order (his description, not mine, lest ye plug yer ears in protest to the terminology), so it was with reservations that I listened to the song myself.

At first I thought, ok, preppy, peppy, and upbeat. That's cool and all but usually those songs end up being very nearly corrosive by the final seconds due to being so vacuous in nature.

But nope.

1:14 utterly and unironically channels every tight-lipped symphony you've ever heard late at night on the classical radio station as a last resort to the kind of drivel being pimped by KROQ, and THEN proceeds to tear it to shreds, staccato bah-bah-bah, with a wicked grin, no less.

Then moment 2:52 arrives like a white horse, those strings hitting every beat with the precision reserved only for the most spastic all-body-dancing, and BAM, 3:13, just when you think it's going to be over, those keys start their joyously rushing descent, shimmering down each octave and back again without the vaguest hint of the kind of douchbaggery that begat Vampire Weekend's self-titled LP. Well, I can't help but get caught up in the maelstrom and do some pretty serious hair shaking.

I'm just sayin'.