cubicle beautification project / by laurel

So I'd been at my job about ten months before I realized that I work in a cubicle (one day you just wake up and think, "Say! I work in a cubicle. Wow, that sucks."). It looked sort of like this, but worse, with more beige:

I should note that those burlap-covered metal walls are scientifically proven to suck the life right out of a person, not completely unlike the death-causing contraption in "The Princess Bride." I could use this space to ask the question, "WHY CUBICLES IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Because nobody likes a cubicle, and nobody likes to get cubicled. But I digress. There are way more important questions in life, such as, "Why is Diet Coke so awesome?"

So instead of whine about the total lack of Awesome in my cube (which, I admit, goes against character since I generally whine about the total lack of Awesome in just about anything), I officially did something about it. Witness the transformation:

Martha Stewart called. She said, "You win, biatch."

Thanks, Mart.