Fajita Night / by laurel

Last night Josh welcomed about 20 of his nearest and dearest to Babylon for fajitas and family time, as the McBrides of Minnesota were all in town for his upcoming graduation. Hilarity ensued. Etc.

Here are some pics.

Mr. Chef

They tasted as good as they look

It's complicated with Adam Sjoberg even though 
I think he deleted his Facebook status as such 
and DIDN'T TELL ME. F you, Adam Sjoberg.  
I hate you so much. OR...
Another thing that tastes as good as it looks: Adam and Laurel

put some food in MAH MOUF

g'head, millar. vamp it up.

...and on the right, you'll see an honest-to-goodness Minnesota McBride


J and I

Howen in the background, Jon in the midground, Josh in the foreground.