Investment Opportunity / by laurel

ldailey: buy this for me.
ldailey: thanks, lub.

tylerjkemp: thats sweet

ldailey: also, this:
ldailey: while you're spending your dough on me

tylerjkemp: you need a bf
tylerjkemp: boyfriend

ldailey: hmmmm.
ldailey: nah, I don't need a boyf. I need a sponsor. or a financial backer.
ldailey: an investor.
ldailey: that's what I need

tylerjkemp: wow
tylerjkemp: way to reduce God's plan for marriage to $

ldailey: says the guy deep in the magical throes of love
ldailey: you know what i really want right now? it's not a husband. it's a double-antler bronze necklace.