life questions / by laurel

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Today over iChat, I was discussing the various merits of rompers (also known as onesies, playsuits, or jumpers, depending on what country you are from) with Jessica, who commented, "I love finding clothing that could basically be pajamas."

I couldn't agree more, and I began listing questions I ask myself every morning when I wake up, starting with, How can I exert the smallest amount of effort for the largest return?

These are the questions I ask myself every new day:

  • How can I dress like I'm about to go to bed, yet look amazing?
  • How long can I go without showering before it becomes a problem?
  • How high can my heels get before I start bumping my head into door frames?
  • How many animal skins/teeth/horns/feathers can I wear before I look like a caveman?
And onto a related, yet more topical question I ask myself before many events I find myself attending:

  • How can I out-dress the bride / be the best dressed at the funeral?
So, for this week's Outfit of the Week, I've attempted to answer these questions with the type of outfit I would wear every single day if I could.