New Atlas Sound EP / by laurel

Deerhunter-slash-Atlas Sound frontman-slash-fellow Blogspot blogger Bradford Cox has a new EP up at his blog, and the best part is, kiddies, it's FREE!

I still regret missing Deerhunter's set at F Yeah Fest this past August, but I did manage to catch Cox's other outfit, Atlas Sound, at the Echo a few months ago. It's dreamy bedroom rock, with the kind of echoey, reverb-tinged vocals that make you almost wish you were a teenager again. 

Almost, I said. (Though, to be fair, I never listened to anything nearly as good as Deerhunter when I was an adolescent.)

In fact, I still remember the first moments of my musical awakening, which took place in my friend Ann's attic bedroom to Rivers Cuomo wailing, "Say it ain't sooo-ooo-oooohhh." Hardly the Juno-moment Diablo Cody would like us to think our childhood consisted of. (Seriously, what kid in 2008 listens to the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and the Moldy Peaches? Well, pre-motion picture original soundtrack, that is. Sort of like how no kid listened to the Shins before Garden State. But I digress.)

Maybe I wasn't hip to the jive, but I also wasn't knocked up (or a fictional character, for that matter), so I'll take my musical awakening of Weezer, Steve Miller, REM, and Blind Melon any day. And that was back when MTV still played music videos, natch. 

So my point, of course, is that Bradford Cox sorta reminds me of my childhood, or at least my teenager-hood, though I'd like to think I'm making better decisions these days. And I certainly listen to better music. So go here and download till your teenage heart's content.