"No, believe me. She's OUT THERE." / by laurel

So last night I hung out with J, as I mentioned in a previous post. I can't exactly remember how this came about, as I'm fairly sure it was J's brainchild (hi, J-face), but the idea was to 'put ourselves out there.' I'm not exactly sure what the end goal was, except that maybe we'd walk home with boyfriends. Sort of like picking up stray cats. You walk in the front door and, "Hey, everyone! This is Tad! I found him wandering around outside La Taqueria. He's my new boyfriend!"

I'll take the carne asada combo plate with a side of Boyfriend, por favor. 

Anyway, the real goal, of course, was for J and I to hang out (and maybe pick up boyfriends on the way home), and do things that girls do, like talk about our feelings and cry and comfort one another. Also, eat Chinese food at the place on Broadway that's dark and campy and uses MSG like it's going out of style.

Oh wait, MSG is TOTALLY out of style.

Well, whatev. We decided to stop by Fingerprints after that to see if Cute Rob Fleming-esque Record Store Guy was working (he wasn't), and to maybe strike up a conversation with him (we didn't), and then perhaps to pick out bridesmaid dresses in a strapless cut that will flatter everyone's individual shapes and body types (they don't). Anyway, I found myself standing in the middle of the store, not having found what I was looking for immediately (Pavement on vinyl? Does such a thing exist?), and suggested in hushed tones that I was ready to leave. 

J's eyes got huge and she wagged her head exaggeratedly toward the counter. "We will not leave until you strike up a conversation with one of the guys here."

I stared at  her with my best "Shut up, no seriously, shut up NOW" expression, but she would not be deterred, whispering, "Go up to the counter and ask. SERIOUSLY. GO. UP. THERE. Youhavetoputyourselfoutthere! GO UP THERE!"

I will take the time now to note that the two guys at the counter were not Cute Rob Fleming-esque Record Store Guy, but rather, were both under 5 feet tall and MAYBE 85lbs soaking wet.


I heaved a(nother) great big sigh and re-circled the store, eventually happening upon the aforementioned jazz record for this weekend's festivities in the discount bin. We left with nary a scrape, but J and I definitely had to exchange a few words after the fact when she accused me of being 'unavailable' and I reminded her that THEY WERE THE SIZE OF MEERKATS.

We popped in to Buffalo Exchange where I found two pairs of shoes and a ring the size of my hand. Success! Retail therapy! 

While we were there, though, I think Janelle made friends with a baby at one point, which prompted me to remind her,

"This is NOT what we meant by 'putting ourselves out there!'"