on a related note... / by laurel

So this doesn't have much to do with The Cute, but it does have to do with animals. Alex (who usually posts a Thoughtful Thursday opinion piece, but chose this time to post an Un-Thoughtful Thursday piece) asks a few important questions, which you can read and comment about here, or I'll just ask the same questions and instruct you to repondez, sil vous plait. 
"Let's begin with a very simple exercise. On the count of three, what are the first three animals that come to mind. 1,2,3... RESULT TIME!"
(comment now, please, before you read my answers and find your train of thought INFLUENCED)


Mine were panda, lizard, cow.

(this is what came up when I Image-Googled "panda lizard cow." No, seriously.)

His second question is, 

"Let's say you were Noah for a day, but God got really mad this time and only wanted to save three animals, what would you pick? Keep in mind the following words as you make your decision: pets, delicacies, cute, helpful. Can someone please respond to my questions already?"

And I add to that question my own sub-question: If you can't settle on three animals to save, and instead you were able to throw one 'overboard' (so to speak), and let it and its species perish in the watery depths forever (and for all intents and purposes, I am including fish in his question even though technically they thrive in the watery depths), which would you choose?

I'll post my thoughts in the comments once I get a bit of feedback. And if I get no feedback, then I suppose you'll JUST NEVER KNOW.