one, two, buckle my shoe(s) / by laurel

Last night my sister accused me of having a "shoe fetish," which I vehemently denied, clarifying that a shoe fetish is not the same as a shoe obsession. She stood by her original claim, however, and pointed out that I have "Too many shoes." I beg to differ.

But maybe if I had these shoes, my collection would be complete.


Swoon! Sigh!

I want to wear these with everything I own.

Urban Outfitters

Zippers! On Sandals! It's genius, I say!

Pierre Hardy for Gap

Tall. I want to be TALL.

The pièce de résistance, though, are these beauts from Topshop:

Just like Etro SS07! See?

Sigh. I need to look for some more freelance to fund my shoe collection...