swissimalism / by laurel

The following is the transcript from an iChat conversation between the inimitable Byron and myself:

Byron: I realize how much AA [American Apparel] design has engrained itself in me.


Byron: But I suppose, if there was a style that was going to burn itself in me, I suppose Swedish design is not too bad.

Me: Totally. Because you're really only able to do ONE thing. And I didn't even do that much of it.

Byron: Yeah, exactly, but it's gotten to the point where I'm thinking, what else is there? I mean besides just chaos.

Me: There's Swissimalism, and then there's total and utter chaos.

Byron: HAHAHA, exactly. I don't know anything else. Whoa'is me.

Me: It's true, and it's been ingrained in us, using tactics not unlike those used in A Clockwork Orange. Basically, that's what it's like to work at AA. Serifs make me vomit. Background color gives me a cold sweat. Helvetica is my sweet, loving safe haven. Then I come to Quik where it's like, let me throw some battery acid on that font and see what happens. Ooo, destruction.