Thor vs. Laur / by laurel

Last night (as mentioned below in my official review) I saw Clinic at the Troub with Doug and Jeff (and supposedly Byron, who never showed up because he got tossed and forgot. Oh, B.). I showed up a few songs into the opening act, Shearwater. They seemed like a pleasant enough band, with a whole stage full of instruments (the ratio of instrument to band member was something like 3:1). Doug commented that it seemed like they raided the Music Room at their elementary school. But the real treat, I have to say, was the very rock n' roll bassoon player, whose name I discovered later, is Thor. Honestly.

Thor was really going for it, too. Really rocking that bassoon, amongst the many other instruments he also dabbled with. But he wasn't messing around, I tell you. No, no. He was all long rock n' roll hair and sleeveless rock n' roll shirt and bright orange rock n' roll pants. But the hair is what got me, and I leaned over to Jeff and said, "I don't know if this is awesome or terrible, but I think Rock 'n' Roll Bassoon and I have the same haircut."

Jeff appraised my doppelgänger for a moment and said, "I think you and Rock 'n' Roll Bassoon have the same OUTFIT as well."

And he was right.


we're not so different, you and I.