too much? or not enough? / by laurel

Adam sent me an email chock full of hilarious pictures from his time culling the Internets for hilarity (you should try it sometime, really.), and one of them was accompanied by this comment:

Laurel maybe "overdoing" it

To which I have to sort of shrug and say, Yes. Yes, I think you may be right. But it prompted me to respond with a little sartorial anecdote from the weekend:
Actually, you would have laughed at me this weekend. I was up in thousand oaks at Tyler’s parents house with some people and it was TOO EFFING HOT to think, or shower, or be even remotely presentable, but on Sunday we went to ventura to thrift shop, so this was my process from the moment I woke up, till I walked out the door:

10am. Woke up. Marrrmmmmph it’s too hot. Too hot. I’m wearing an AA deep v, but it’s a couple sizes too big because I sleep in it, and it hasn’t been washed in like a week or something or many many sleeps. So I roll out of bed and put on cut off shorts. Sorta ratty. But whatever. My legs need to BREATHE, and who cares that I haven’t shaved them in a couple of days?

I eat a hot dog at 10:30am. Yum. No time to make breakfast, a hot dog will have to do. Too lazy to put it in a bun. Chew on frank (with ketchup) for a bit. Read “Everyday with Rachel Ray.” Think to myself, Rachel Ray is one annoying perky biatch. I smell something unsavory and I think it might be me so I shuffle to my bag and spray some perfume on every square inch of skin and clothing. Feel much better. But something’s missing...hmm. Oh yes, accessories. Throw on a couple of necklaces. One is a snake (ooo the devil) one is a rosary (good vs. evil, sort of like clean vs. dirty, sort of like me vs. myself)

11:30am we are ready to walk out the door for Ventura. I’m wearing an oversized sleep shirt, a rosary, and denim cut offs. My hair is not only unwashed, it’s hot tubbed, and air dried out the window of a car going 80 mph. Also, my sunglasses sit crooked on my face. Whatev. The shoes for the day, I decide, are my 4 1/2 inch Pierre Hardy platforms. BECAUSE WHY THE HECK NOT.

Why the heck not, indeed.