Wait, is this Heaven? God? Are you there? Did you orchestrate this? You DID, didn't you?! YOU RASCAL! / by laurel

Last night, I (and about 20 other people) had the pleasure of finally (FINALLY!) meeting Josh's family, The McBrides of Minnesota. It was McAwesome. I'll post more about it later (along with pictures), but after dinner a few of us retired to the lounge living room and flipped on the tele only to be visually assaulted with the most incredible investment of studio dollars this side of Project Runway:

Ladies and Gents, I present to you,

Wait, God? How did you KNOW? It's because you're omniscient, isn't it? And you sent a Heavenly message to the Internets, who then made a deal with the studios and if this isn't the Holy Trifecta of Incredible, I don't know what is. 

Ok, ok, I'll admit; the Kitty Halftime show was a bit contrived (and it might make me a terrible person that I was secretly hoping some of the kitties would choke on the confetti and streamers), but then! Then the puppies took the field and I emitted terrible noises, squeals and sighs and Ooooh's and Ahhh's that prompted Mike at one point to ask, "Are your reactions real? I can't tell." 

Oh yes. They're real. But then! THEN there was the Puppy Cam, the camera whose vantage point was from the bottom of the water dish. PUPPY TONGUES! WEE PUPPY NOSES!

I think I just hyperventilated, Internet. 

Here are a few of my MVP's (Most Valuable Puppies), courtesy of the official Puppy Bowl IV website. 

I can haz fuutbawl? Iz dat awright wif u?