A Belated Note... / by laurel

In the flurry of friends leaving (Josh, Erik), there is one more friend whose absence this Summer in the LBC is sorely felt. 

Jon Crosswhite, ladies and gentlemen. 

Jon is spending the summer in Santa Cruz at as the events coordinator for a summer camp. He'll be back in August (just in time for Outside Lands!!! [pause] !!!!!!!!!!!), but in the meantime I can think of more than a few people (including, notably, his girlfriend Ashley) who wish he were here in the LBC to participate in the Summer festivities.

In honor of our absent friend, I'd like to direct your attention to Daytrotter, whose latest session includes Spoon covering one of Jon's favorite Paul Simon songs, "Peace Like a River."

So go HERE and download till your hearts' content. Jon, this one's for you.