damn, nature - you SCARY. / by laurel

So that title really has nothing to do with this post, but I felt like quoting "Family Guy," so enjoy this brief but beautiful moment.

All set?

I suppose the title is at least 10 - 15% apropos to the subject of this post, but I'll let you be the judge of that. 

On Saturday, June 14th at 9 in the morning, a good friend of mine, Les Rorick, and his friend Aaron are dipping their back tires in the Pacific Ocean as a starting line on a bike ride that will stretch across the United States. The finish line? New York City.

I know.


They might as well just start running and keep on running until they're mentally disabled and have a swarm of people following them and then grow massive beards that would make the John the Baptist jealous. Oh wait, was that in a movie? I can never remember. 

Nevertheless, Crazy-ee and Crazy-er are setting off on their journey, and I wish them nothing but the very, very best: The best power bars, the best Gatorade, the best gas station bathrooms along the way. 

If you're so inclined to check in on their progress, they have a blog with their intended route as well as updates of their progress. Check it out here.

Good luck, fellas, and Godspeed.