Weekend Recap: love love love love love love love love (and dancing) / by laurel

This weekend, two good friends of mine got hitched. I've known Winn for years now (we spent a fateful summer as roommates a couple of years back, and I tell you, MY LIFE HAS BEEN BETTER BECAUSE OF IT), and have had the pleasure of getting to know Lindye as well (you may recognize her from a couple of photoshoots I've done). The wedding was in Malibu, so Ash, J and I gave ourselves just over an hour to get there. 

Here's the thing about that. 

It takes foreverrrr to get to Malibu, and even forever-er to get to Rancho Chiquita (where the wedding was held) beyond that.  The drive was lovely until we turned off of PCH and onto what stands peerless and alone as the most winding, perilous, vertiginous road I have ever been on. Ashley's car was wheezing like a pack-a-day 50-year-old woman on a respirator as every blind curve elevated us 100 more feet above sea level. There were many times that I wish I was wearing a rosary so I could grip it in my trembling hands and slobber it with kisses and pray out loud, Lawwwwrd, have MERCY ON US! Keep us SAFE and do not let us plunge to our peril in the FIERY DEPTHS OF MALIBU CANYON! AMEN!

All the panicked crying and holy bargaining paid off because here's the view from the altar: 

The ceremony was lovely but the after party reception was lovelier. We were dressed to kill and danced to thrill. Congrats to Winn and Lindye. Your wedding was the best of the year!

dresses by Jody Dailey and Rogan for Target

Mr. and Mrs. Galloway

J and I

fierce shoes

awww, yeah. 

muy calienté

myself and Mr. Huffine

best. expressions. ever.

I was excited here. Excited about all the LOVE.

On Sunday, Jody and I were saddened to find that our favorite foreigner was sick and puking most of his foreignness into the porcelain throne so we put on clothes (PJ's probably weren't going to cut it), brushed our teeth, and culled the aisles of Albertson's for the best get well presents we could find and spent the afternoon in La Habra at Ham's place. 'Twas a lovely afternoon and I think the Foreigner was feeling much better because by the end of the day, a wee bit of color had returned to his very pale Czech face.

Jody, Erik, Laurel and Becky the Get Better Bear