More Girl Talk. Always more Girl Talk. / by laurel

If Girl Talk were Diet Coke, I'd have three cups a day, with ice, plus another can when I got home at the end of the day.  Since he's not really consumable as an addictive caffeine-addled substance, whose only purpose is to fuel my mid-morning rants on The Internet, I will settle with listening to Feed The Animals on repeat (especially track 1, track 6, and track 12). I suppose it's the best he has to offer when he's not hunched shirtless and sweaty over a laptop and a pile of DJ equipment at one of his better-than-the-best-party-you've-ever-been-to-no-suuuriously live shows. 

So for fellow fans and addicts alike, click here and watch the videos of Gregg talking us through each track on Feed The Animals. I should add that his favorite track is also my favorite track. I've embedded the first video in the series. Head on over to Stereogum to see the rest.

Where's my Diet Coke?