The Palindrome Project: Summer Edition / by laurel

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A few years ago, I had the idea to fashion a mix using the structure of a palindrome as its theme. A palindrome, for the uninitiated or unaware, is a word or sentence that is the same backwards as it is forwards. To wit: The name Hannah is a palindrome. "A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!" Is also a palindrome. 

The idea took flight and quite a few people ended up throwing together their own palindrome compilations. The rules were simple: Take an even number of songs (say, 12 or 14 or 16), half of which are originals and the other half of which are covers of that original. Arrange them so that the mix, technically, would be the same if played beginning to end or end to beginning. So song 1 aligns with song 12, song 2 with song 11, and so on. The order in which the covers/originals are placed is mixer's choice  (not every cover has to be grouped together, for example), as long as the mix follows a palindrome structure. 

Well, it's been, as I said, a few years since the original Palindrome Project first surfaced, so I thought that in time for Summer, I'd create a new palindrome. I've selected songs that have a uniformly Summery feel (to me, anyway), and arranged them in a way that follows the structure of the project.

So for one week only (you'd better click fast), go HERE to download my Summer Palindrome. And get the album art at the top of this post. My only stipulation is that if you choose to D/L my mix, you leave a comment with your own palindrome track list OR a few of your favorite covers. Sharing is caring, children. 


**Please note that in accordance with the general theme of summer, strict adherence to the "one cover, one ORIGINAL" rule of the Palindrome will not be observed as closely. It's not that I don't know better - because trust me, I do - it's that the weather is so warm and the sun burns brighter longer and I'm wearing shorts when perhaps I shouldn't, and certain people with seasonal jobs (like teachers) are partying like they're in grade school again, and essentially what I'm saying is, when summer rolls around, all hell breaks loose, so forgive the disparate discrepancies within this mix (there should be precisely one that could be argued and one that is a grey area, and I dare you to figure out which they are), because overall I think you'll agree that the idea is pretty damn brilliant.