Wagonwheel Wednesdays with Mad Rasputin / by laurel

What a post title, eh? Well it references Alex's blog, The Mad Monk. Quite unlike my randomized deluge of electronic drivel, Alex likes to categorize things. Keeps them neat and tidy and people know what to expect. Because surprises can upset people.

So Wednesdays over in Alex's (AKA Mad Rasputin, as the web address would suggest, but which, up until recently, I thought referenced his last name ['putin' mistaken for Pudlin] and his affinity for a certain East Coast article of plaid clothing [madras]. Oh, the hilarity that ensued when I realized he wasn't Madras Pudlin, but was, in fact, Mad Rasputin.) 


There I go getting caught in my own parenthetical wormhole again.

Let's start anew, shall we? So Wednesdays over at Alex's blog are called Wagonwheel Wednesdays, and Alex is in the process of getting all Lonely Planety and giving us an informative look at the 50 states (or at least the ones he's been to) of the U S of A. Yesterday, he wrote a particularly entertaining and informative post about Colorado. 

I've only been to Colorado once (to shoot Josh and Hannah's wedding), and raise your hand if you were just singing the Grizzly Bear song in your head just now.

Just me?

Well ok. Regardless, I have a couple of friends who live in Colorado: Josh and Ryan. Two fantastic guys.

So head on over to The Mad Monk and check out his post about Colorado. Josh and Ry, this one's for you (also, it's an excuse to dig out two vintage photos from my vast archives. These are from [drumroll, please] 2004!).