Wall-E at El Capitan, 6.27.08 / by laurel

Jess, Tyler, Mike and I saw Wall-E on Friday night at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Jen saw it, too, and already posted her thoughts on her blog, which I will repost here because, really, I couldn't say it better. I have nothing more to add except that this perfect, adorable movie totally made me cry.


Via Jen:


I LOVED IT. like obsessively loved it. it was so freakin cute. wow. gah. i can't even explain how much i liked that movie. every moment was sheer cute overload. the first like 20 or so minutes you get to see wall-e just roaming around piling trash and discovering funny little things like a fire extinguisher, rubik's cube, and frisbee. all of which he puts in his trusty cooler that he hangs off his back. gah it's so cute. and his fascination and love for "hello dolly." the "romance" btwn wall-e and eve is insanely cute in an adolescent sort of way. he wants to hold her hand but can't bring himself to make the move. and when she closes up he tries anything to get her to "wake up." i don't want to give more away but i simply loved it. like it's totally going to be one of my favorite movies of the year. if not THE favorite. i know i know. an animated movie. but it's about a robot with big googley eyes. i don't see how you can't like this movie. it's just so cute!
So that's all, folks. Get your nearest and dearest and GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

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