you best starting saving your money now... / by laurel

...Because one day very, very soon all y'alls are going to want to spend your hard-earned dough on a custom-made piece from one very up and coming designer.

Jody Dailey. 

Remember that name.

A couple of months ago, my sister had a homework assignment for a class at FIDM (yeah, same school as that sham of a celebrity Lauren Conrad, who, I just have to say, cannot possibly be attending fashion school, an argument I can support with two reasons: 1) If she were actually attending FIDM, she would be buried under a deluge of homework and would have a very boring life, thus making her show not very interesting to watch, and 2) If she were actually attending a school that teaches one how to be a fashion designer--and, I'd argue, a better designer than one might have been prior to attending said school, then she wouldn't have produced the MONSTROSITIES she calls original designs. That is all.)


Where was I?

Oh, yes. So Jody is a better designer than LC with her hands tied behind her back, blindfolded, drugged, and kicked in the stomach. Like hands DOWN a better designer. And I'm  not biased, as I will show you now. So Jody had to create a garment inspired by a person, and since she's my seester she chose me as the inspiration. Long story short, once I saw the finished product I fell stupidly, madly, slobberingly in love with it and begged her to make me one that wasn't mannequin size. She (thankfully) acquiesced, and I decided that The Dress would debut at the dress-up social event of the summer: Winn and Lindye's wedding.

So without further ado (well, without more ado than has already been adone), here is the dress, complete with Burberry knock-offs and a butterfly headdress made by yours truly.

dress: Jody Dailey
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

a close up of the back - see the exposed zipper? And my butterfly headdress

the makeup