3 Great Things / by laurel

3 great things, fairly simple, but great enough to remind me that I could have been BURIED ALIVE IN RUBBLE yesterday:

1. Strawberry poppyseed salad from Panera Bread. It's refreshing and it has both vegetables and fruit and it's $5 with a large drink. Who could complain about that?

2. $1 mini cup from Golden Spoon. The almighty dollar doesn't go very far these days, unless you spend it at Golden Spoon. Say, which reminds me of a recent Seinfeld episode I saw about non-fat frozen yogurt.

3. Speaking of how far you can stretch your dollar, $1 Tuesdays at the La Mirada Dollar Theatre, featuring (for a limited time only) the entirely adorable, hilarious and awesome Son of Rambow. See it. I know you'll love it.