Weekend Recap: As Promised... / by laurel

...Don't read on an empty stomach. 

This weekend--

Okay, sidenote. When referring to a weekend occurring a couple of days ago, does one say "this weekend"? Or, "last weekend"? Because I've always thought that when referring to weekends, you'd say, "last weekend," to refer to the weekend that just ended (and not the one occurring a week ago), given that you are referring on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. After that, the weekend just four days before becomes "last weekend" and the week before that becomes "two weeks ago." Ergo, "this weekend" becomes the upcoming weekend if being referred to on a Thursday or a Friday. If referring to "next weekend" on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (till noon, PST), one would assume you'd mean the weekend coming up, the bookend to the week you're in now, and not, ostensibly, the one occurring a week and a half from that point. That would be, "In two weeks." Until Thursday, when the schedule flips around.

So, being that it's Tuesday, last weekend my parents were in town. 

Now where was I? Oh, yes. Jessica and I came up with the grand scheme of throwing a dinner party for my parents, which quickly turned into our--collective--parents, and closest friends, and siblings. It truly was one for the books and the food was so incredible I'm still tasting those bacon-wrapped dates on the back of my tongue. Descriptions, however, really don't do any of it justice so lucky for you, oh erstwhile blog readers, I have pictures.

I think the weekend can be neatly summed up in the classic words of Barrett Kemp, who, upon taking a bite of one of Jess's amazing sandwiches, announced, "I just ate a sandwich with a peach on it...and I liked it."

We liked them too, Barrett. 

The spread: Salmon croquettes, bbq chicken pizza, 
bacon-wrapped dates, grilled peach-shaved ham-
and-arugula sandwiches, chipotle mango salad, and more

Jess in the kitch

Flowers courtesy of the 7th st. flower shop and Jessica's parents, The Nelsons

So refined: Cheesy D and J-Wib

A family photo

The aftermath

Here is the tasting sheet I whipped up for the wine-and-chocolate 
tasting we did after dinner. I was in charge of choosing and 
pairing the wines, and Jessica made the truffles. 
It was a group effort.