Weekend Recap: Danny boy, this is a showdown / by LD

Above photos by Adam Sjoberg

I'm all worded-out right now (lazy Sunday afternoons in the Summertime will do that to a girl), so I won't elaborate on the weekend too much, except to say that it was, as usual, completely awesome. 

I'll let a guest contributer do all the talking, along with some pics I took of the event. 

KC read a short story and has graciously allowed me to reprint it here for your hungry eyes to read and consume. I think you'll find that parts of this story are rather familiar...

As the bell sounds, the dust flies from the tracks along with the faces of would be passengers. The tracks, miles and miles of steal leading to nowhere coming from nowhere, bring in less than they bring out. Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon. While at home from boarding school, one that was known more for sports than for shaping young boys up, Rocky was able to be reunited with this childhood best friend. Throughout his youth all the innocent boy girl interactions were nervously tested and hated. Well cooties came and went, as well as their childhood Innocence. She evolved from his childhood friend, to his girl, to his woman. And one day his woman ran off with another guy. He hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn’t like that. Rocky, turning for his famous monologue to his audience of trees and rocks, said I’m gonna get that boy. Recovering from his woman leaving, he getting hit in his eye, Rocky needed a plan. So one day he walked into town booked himself a room in the local saloon.

When he walked through the bar downstairs he recognized the local doctor and he thought the doctor is going to certainly make his salary of shots of gin today and it’s a good thing he is here because there is going to be shoot out, a showdown of sorts. Rocky Raccoon checked into his room. Only to find Gideon’s Bible. Rocky was not alone, he brought his friends Smith and Wesson. His friends were here to shoot off the legs of his rival. Ever since childhood Rocky wanted there to be a Mrs. Raccoon, but his rival it seems had broken his dreams by stealing the girl of his fancy. A woman of three names, maybe more, Rocky thought she would be perfect to that Mrs. Raccoon. Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil but everyone knew her as Nancy. This woman of three names fit nicely in with her man of three names. Now she and her man who called himself Dan just happened to be staying at the same saloon. And just so happens, they were in the next room at the hoe down. Rocky knew he needed a plan. After watching many westerns in his life, he knew what he had to do. So he woke up his friends, got them ready, and Rocky burst in and grinning a grin. Breaking in the door, stating his claim his purpose, he said Danny Boy this is a showdown. From watching those westerns and his past heroes as a kid Rocky knew the tricks of the trade and what he had to do. But Daniel was hot-he drew first and shot. Feeling his flesh break open, split apart like the red sea, like that story from Gideon’s book, he knew something was wrong, and Rocky collapsed in the corner.
Hearing the shot from below, with the help from a bartender and a patron, the doctor came in stinking of gin. He grabbed Rocky, hoisted him up and proceeded to lie on the table. The doc has known Rocky for a long time and knowing he must break the bad news to him, he said Rocky you met your match. Rocky shot back and said, Doc it’s only a scratch and I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able.

Leaving the room of his demise, Rocky fell back in his room. Only to find Gideon’s Bible. His other friends, Smith and Wesson didn’t really help him much in his bout with his rival. Maybe a friend he never met before, a Gideon, checked out and he left it no doubt to help with good Rocky’s revival.