George Costanza wallets / by laurel

My friend Jeff used to lose his wallet (pretty often, actually).

Jen and I felt bad for him every time he'd show up to the office with a long face and a sad-sack story of yet another missing billfold, so last year just in time for his birthday, we took matters into our own ever-capable, internet-savvy hands. 

We got Jeff a J-Fold wallet, sort of like this one here:

...And since then, he hasn't lost his wallet. 

I've always had an affinity for the artfully minimal man-wallet. Whatever a dude pulls out of his pocket when it comes time to pay for something, I subtly take note. Is it nylon webbing? Leather? Pleather? Duck Tape? Is it bursting at the seams with receipts and useless business cards and grocery store savings cards and spent iTunes cards? Huge turnoff, by the way.

Nevertheless, I always notice. I stumbled across Makr today and felt compelled to share the wealth. These are some beautiful wallets, kids. Hand-tooled and made in the U.S. of A, each one bears the imprint of an entire lifetime that came before it. Founder and bitchin' wallet-man Jason Gregory has this to say,
"Makr is an appreciation of the simple, the durable and the timelessness of thoughtful design. A vision of the useful as artful—and the opportunity to apply that principle to the everyday. All products blend the tradition of handcraft with the contemporary. Materials are carefully selected and every item is designed, patterned and cut in house. Pieces are produced in small quantities by an even smaller group of people, and all assembly is done by family-owned companies within the U.S."
And in case you needed any convincing at all, here are a few of my favorites: