PR, Farmer's Markets, and an iChat XChange / by laurel

There are two amazing quotes from last night's episode of Project Runway, the first of which I'm going to butcher entirely except for the punchline: Blah blah blah blah blah "I was criticized for being too creative." Quoth the dullest designer in the bunch, Leanne. Okay, I told you I'd butcher that. On to the next!

Tim Gunn fussily waving his hands and calling out, "Holler at your boyyy!"

I actually squealed when he said that.


The clothes were less so, but there were a couple of great pieces. This was my favorite:

What they didn't show last night were those amazing shoes! Good gracious. The whole thing is lovely, from the necklace on down. I guess Leanne finally figured out how to harness all that ca-raaaazy creativity. Also, notice all the smudgy footprints on that seamless white? I know, girl,  I know. Footprints on seamless is MY LIFE. But seriously, somebody should clip that ish before submitting it to the judgment of The Internets. 

Anywho, Kenley's winning look wasn't one of my favorites simply because it reminded me so much of SP08 Balenciaga. Anyone? Concur? 

I guess I'd have chosen Leanne's dress as the winning look because, though it's a little black dress, it was flawlessly executed and didn't immediately remind me of a far superior designer's (very, very recent) work. Know what I'm sayin'? 

Well, before PR started Mike and I were restlessly trying to decide what we should do for dinner and we found ourselves in uptown Whittier in search of his favorite Japanese place. What we found instead was the Whittier Farmer's Market, in full swing at 8 p.m. Brilliant! One chicken and one beef kabob later, we were stuffed and happy and vowed to go back next week. I stated right then and there that next week I'm eating funnel cake for dinner.

On to the last bit of information for the morning: Awesome, brought to you by Andy and Laurel

(click the pics to see dialogue full size)

Oh, and did anyone feel the mini-quake last night?