Stuff This White Person DOESN'T Like / by laurel

Many of you are familiar with the hilaaaarious website Stuff White People Like. For the uninitiated, the website posts explanations about stuff white people like. Examples include outdoor performance clothes, music piracy, grammar, gentrification, and Michel Gondry. Other examples include Sushi, New Balance shoes, and shorts. The website is hilarious and at times so dead-on you'll feel like the author has been following you around, making note of your behavior. 

So what's the beef? Well, I'm not the only one who thinks Stuff White People Like is funny. In fact, as is the trend I've noticed lately, bloggers are parlaying their blogs into book deals. Seems like a good thing, right? You blog for a living, you are a struggling writer or whatever the case, a publisher takes notice, and bam! Stuff White People Like, list price $14.00, Your Price: $11.20 (save: $2.80 20%)! At Borders! At Barnes and Noble the deal is somewhat less lucrative: Online price $12.60 (save 10%), members pay $11.34. In theory it seems like a fantastic idea: lump a group of blog posts together, slap a softcover over it, give it a BIN number, and slap a $14.00 price tag on the inside back cover. But what of the blog itself, the web address I frequented to get my kicks making fun of my kind?

I submit to you the hard and cold facts:

Stuff White People Like posts for the month of February 2008: 32, with a few "White People In The News" posts to boot, bringing the number closer to forty, or, one + per day.

Stuff White People Like posts for the month of June 2008: 3, with numerous posts regarding booksignings, audiobook availability, contest winners, and other random articles. The post total for the month of June is 14, which equates to one post every other day.

I'm happy for Christian Lander's success with the book. I really am. Will I read the book? No. I've read the blog. That's what the blog is for. I've never been one to hop on the blog-as-book bandwagon because I think it dilutes the form--in both directions. The problem, of course, is that the blog itself--the entire reason for the book's existence--has suffered subsequently. I rarely check the website anymore because the posts are so few and far between it hardly seems  a good use of my time. Case in point? The post count for July as of today is 4. Four posts. Only one of which is a typical White Person post. The other two are writer appearance schedules and one shoutout for a Stuff White People Like Facebook App. 

A Facebook App?


It's true that white people like their blogs, their books, and their Facebook, but when you combine all three?

No thanks, I'll pass. That's one thing this white person doesn't like.