a truly chivalrous gentleman / by laurel

My friend Patrick, whose previous web effort (Portable Cassette Tape Recorder dot com) was laid to rest in the dusty Internet wasteland far too soon, has resurrected his online presence with a new website and a whole knew schtick.

Chivalry is for the thinking man and the feeling woman. For those who like their gimlet neat, not sweet. It's about relationship advice, but like most relationships, it's about so much more than that; it's about music and serif fonts and poignant photography.

So if your love life is burning a hole in your heart and you have a scorching question to get off your chest, drop Chivalry a line at dearchivalry@gmail.com.

At the very least, stop by and give a dignified holla. You might recognize some of the photography on the site as well. *grin*