Weekend Recap: 9-80's make me want to rejoice to the heavens / by laurel

It was another long weekend in a summer-long experiment at work, wherein we work 80 hours in 9 days as opposed to 10, thus giving us every other Friday off. In short, it's amazing (really, truly) because the 9th hour, though an adjustment at first, sort of melts into the rest of the work day, so when that long weekend comes around, it's like a little present from Heaven. Like puppies. Like Heaven is just tossing excess puppies in my direction. I could just hold my arms out and catch their little furry, squirmy puppy bodies and they'd lick my face and say, "Pleased to meet you," (yes, they are talking puppies from Heaven), and we'd both have a good cry and then take a nap. Long weekends are like that.

Thursday night, a few of us met up at The Edison for their 35-cent martini happy hour. Edison is one of my favorite places in L.A. - the decor, the dress code, the architecture, the DRINKS - and being there with some of my favorite people made it even better. After a few drinks (involving gin, blackberries, and grapefruit juice, among other things), we walked over to Pete's for some bleu cheese fries. Speaking of excess bounties that Heaven tosses my way, the bleu cheese fries at Pete's are amongst the puppy-rain on the short list of Things Laurel Can't Live Without. It's a heart attack on a plate (which is why I only nibbled at Mike's plate than order my own steaming heap), but so worth the risk. 

35 cent happy hour? Yes please! Mike looks less pleased

On Friday Jessica and I schooled each other in our respective fields of specialization. I learned a crash course in fonts (to be continued, as I sat rapturously engrossed in Jess's schpiel, but then Tyler, Mike and Aton came over so we had to postpone the rest), and Jess learned the intermediate basics of photography. Though a designer by trade, Jess is super talented with the cam-bot and she is the only person I will truly trust to take pictures of me (when I can't take pictures of myself, that is). See the post below this one for shots from the afternoon. 

Saturday morning, against all odds and inclinations, I arose at 8 a.m. to go with Jess to the Laguna Farmer's Market. We determined that the Laguna market would have a more interesting cast of characters than the Cerritos market, or at the very least, better produce, so we traveled into the canyon for a morning spent sampling fruits and veggies. Turns out the crowd at the Laguna market wasn't very interesting, but the pluots were fantastic!

Saturday afternoon, Barrett and Kiley came down from Thousand Oaks to hang out a bit before Barrett's second sitting for his bitchin' tattoo. Lunch at Shillelagh (the spelling of which is dubious at best) and a walk to the beach ensued.

It's unfinished, but how cool is that?

Speaking of cool...

It's alright, 'cos I'm saved by the bellll

On Sunday, I gladly welcomed the return of a good friend of mine, Charlie, who had moved away shortly after graduation some three years ago, and is now back in L.A. to start his master's program at UCLA. Expect many adventures to follow.

That's a wrap, folks!