Curlz MT is not a font; it's a cry for help. / by laurel

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In college, I was part of a student organization for the better part of my 4 collegiate years. One of the integral components of being part of such a group was the proverbial e-mail/message board wherein we would relay important information, as well as get into ridiculous threads about (mostly) ridiculous things. One such member of the group had a reputation for - how do I put this politely? - absolutely bastardizing her e-privileges by employing every annoying electronic faux pas known to man. Her emails, for the uninitiated, looked something like this:

hEyy GUYS!!!!!!!

I just wanted to let U know how TOTALLY aWeSoMe each and evrey ONE OF U R!!!!!!!


U INSPIRE ME in counteless ways, and i LOVE <3> YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO!!! MUCH!!!! :) :) :)


I wish I were making this up. I WISH. Because if I were making it up, it would mean that I would have no basis for inspiration for the e-mail I painstakingly recreated for you, Internet. However, we can't all be so lucky, and for those of you who have fallen victim to the CRAZY! CRAZY! font attack, please commiserate with me for a moment while I direct your attention here. The 7 Worst Fonts, replete with witty commentary. My personal favorite?

"Common abusers [of Comic Sans]: Clueless execs who think it makes their e-mail signature seem fun (because nothing bridges the six-figure salary gap between boss and worker bee like a good typeface); kids who identify with its kiddie-ness and thus apply it to their IMs, e-mails, and even school papers; homemade advertisements for DAYCARE PROVIDER'S or PARTY PLANNER'S (Comic Sans people tend to be apostrophe abusers as well)"