a day of anger / by laurel

Two things:

1) Is it National Befriend a Cop day? Because I saw no less than three po-po's and one speed trap on my way to work this morning. Are we having insecurity issues, cops? Do we need to ticket drivers to inflate our sense of self-worth? You want self-esteem? Watch Oprah. AND LEAVE ME ALONE, I SAY!

2) What is WITH the RIAA? It's like, there's Ticketmaster, who everyone hates to hate, loathes to loath, and then there's the big, bad record labels who leach artists of their creative license and blah, blah, blah. And then there's the RIAA who sues anyone within a stones' throw of their tentacles. All in all, it's like the music industry is against music. Britney wasn't too far off when she said, "It's me against the music."  YEAH, GIRL. You go get 'em, Brit-Brit. 

(I actually can't remember who sang that. Was it Madonna? Maybe Xtina? Prince? Well, you get what I'm saying.)

(Also, I will NEVER marry a cop. Or someone who works for Ticketmaster or the RIAA. NEVER. I don't care if he comes with a dowry of puppies. NOT FOR SALE.)