One small step for mankind, one giant leap...into the arms of the conglomerate. And I just got depressed. / by laurel

Photo by Michael Muller

Willamette Week ran an article today about the depressing reality that this year's Olympics are being treated as little more than a testing ground for who will make it in the toughest games of all: Hollywood. Daniel Carlson laments, "[Michael] Phelps won a record eight gold medals in Beijing, giving him a record 14 for his career, but people are acting like this is only a springboard for real fame." He goes on to point out what anyone with access to the Internet already knows: 

Even China has taken a cue from the bloated, brand-name nature of the Games and gone to a lot of trouble to produce a product that sacrifices things like reality for the sake of a good show. Some of the fireworks during opening ceremony were fakes, computer-generated explosions for the benefit of home viewers. In the same ceremony, a young Chinese girl sang the national anthem, but officials later revealed the actual vocalist was a young girl who, having slightly crooked teeth, was replaced with a more cosmetically streamlined model.

The article is cynical but good. So check it out if you feel like marinating in some good ol' Generation X-style angst for a couple of hours.