Quotables / by laurel

"He had the vaguely threatening look of a mini-boss thug in a Luc Bresson-produced action film--compact, muscular, shaved head, Teutonic facial features--and was not the kind of person you wanted greeting you as you stepped up to order your Espressochino Arctic Foam Blast. (As I typed that a siren sounded, indicating that I am officially the one-millionth person to invent a funny-sounding coffee beverage name for the purpose of pointing out the ridiculous nature of coffee beverage names.)" 

"I rode my old-fashioned three-speed Schwinn back to Joe's, tears in my eyes, and made the employees listen to a Shins song on my oversized headphones. The song changed their lives, just like it had changed mine. Then we lay down on a grassy hillside, our bodies radiating out from a central point where our temples touched, and we drew Sharpie tattoos on each other's bodies and named every cloud we saw. We have plans to meet back at that meadow tomorrow and every other day, too. I'm gonna bring my Super-8 camera and we're going to shoot a mumblecore film together."
--Tremble.com orders a cup o' joe. Just read the entire post, already. 

"For a brief period of time, MySpace was the site where everyone kept their profile and managed their friendships. But soon, the service began to attract fake profiles, the wrong kind of white people, and struggling musicians. In real world terms, these three developments would be equivalent to a check cashing store, a TGIFridays, and a housing project. All which strike fear in the hearts of white people." 
--Stuff White People Like: Facebook