Weekend Recap: wine tasting and turkey burgz / by laurel

Well, folks, the weekend recap is coming more in the middle of the week than at the end for no reason other than that I relish the thought of pulling the proverbial rug out from under everyone's feet from time to time. That, and I was too tired to do it last night or the night before.

So here we are! Bright and early Wednesday morning! Being that it's Wednesday, you know what awaits me tonight...("Holler at your boyyy!" - TG)

Anyway, let's rewind a bit. I spent the weekend in Santa Maria with the usual suspects (and an unexpected surprise: Brie!). We spent Saturday in Los Olivos and Santa Ynez doing a little wine tasting. And by "a little," I mean a lot. There will be video evidence added to this post later this evening, so check back for Ashley's thoughts on wine tasting, y'hear?

During the course of the day we also ran across an olive oil tasting, and if I had to write this scene as a movie, this is how it would go:

[Setting: long dirt road flanked by a fence with a sign reading "Keep Closed At All Times." The group enters cautiously and closes the fence behind them, winding up the dirt road toward the tent promising free olive oil.]

ASHLEY: I wonder why that gate was closed if they're open.

[Group mumbles in agreement. Suddenly and without warning, a Corgi sprints from a distant house, hollering and barking, his face fluffed with excitement.]


[Before LAUREL can regain composure, two more dogs of indeterminable species come running from the house.]

LAUREL (faint of breath): More puppies? MORE PUPPIES?

[At that moment, a large golden retriever comes ambling out of the house, tongue wagging. Laurel's head explodes. The group sighs.]

JESS: That was really gross, but it lent the olive oil an interestingly intellectual flavor. 


At our first tasting. I'm getting a jumpstart on the day

Olive oil, puppies...

...and horses!

Ashley ponders the wild blue yonder

Jessica ponders Mapplethorpe and Morrison 

On Monday evening, we convened in La Habra to celebrate Mike's sister Carey's 30th birthday. Ham grilled turkey burgers and I brought the mud (Mississippi Mud, that is), and Mike brought...dinosaurs back from the dead? 

Well, okay.