Farewell, Corporal Kemp / by laurel

Next weekend, my and Long Beach's good friend, Barrett Kemp (that's Corporal Kemp to you, soldier) is shipping off for his second tour of Iraq with the United States Marines. I met Barrett through his brother Tyler a few months ago and it was immediately clear to me when he started talking about buying slimmer cut jeans that we would be BEST. FRIENDS. FOR LIFE. 


The above has proven, thus far, to be true, as Barrett has donned a couple new pairs of Slim Slacks and has even agreed to be a longsuffering model for one of my on-the-fly photoshoots. That, folks, is a what a good man is made of. If he can endure the repeated requests to submerge himself fully in water, but, this time Barr, can you keep your eyes open and sort of twist your shoulders like so, and float more slowly? Then I put my full faith and trust in him to defend this motley country of ours, PMSing though she may be at the moment. 

So Barrett, be brave and be safe. We'll miss you tremendously while you're gone, but what's most important is that you return. I'll keep a watchful eye on Long Beach for ya till you come home. 

Update: If you know Barrett and want to read up on his time overseas, his dad Roger is keeping a blog which can be found here

Look at that bowlcut! JUST LOOK AT IT!

Once  more this time, with emphasis

Starz and Stripez. Wow, I have overused the 'z' as a substitute for 's' today.