Fashion Week Roundup: Jump to it! / by laurel

**In honor of New York Spring 09 fashion week, which is taking placing in Bryant Park this week, I'm doing my dutiful job and previewing all the shows. I've rounded up a few micro-trends that have stood out to me so far, and this week I'll be posting them here and at Neu Black for your enjoyment.**

A good friend of mine, though in her twenties and no longer regularly cavorting around sticky-surfaced jungle gyms, largely determines her wardrobe based on two qualifications: 1) Can I run away [from a tsunami, or predator, or pack of wild puppies, or potential crazed politician] in it? and 2) Can I climb trees in it?

Despite the fact that she rarely faces these conundrums of overexertion on a day to day basis, I suspect she'll find the deluge of one-piece jumpsuits seen in New York this week to be just the uniform she's looking for in case she needs to 1) jump out of an airplane, 2) fix a car, or 3) narrowly escape a rabid pack of raccoons by scaling a 50-foot tree. 

It never hurts to be prepared.

Top row, L to R: Derek Lam, 3.1 Phillip Lim, MaxAzria
Middle row, L to R: Cynthia Steffe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Elise Overland
Bottom row, L to R: Halston, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Halston

Top row, L to R: Rachel Roy, Lacoste, Catherine Holstein
Bottom row, L to R: DKNY, Proenza Schouler, Preen