Fashion Week Roundup: Not For The Faint of Heart / by laurel

**In honor of New York Spring 09 fashion week, which is taking placing in Bryant Park this week, I'm doing my dutiful job and previewing all the shows. I've rounded up a few micro-trends that have stood out to me so far, and this week I'll be posting them here and at Neu Black for your enjoyment.**

Top row, L to R: Koi Suwannagate, Koi Suwannagate, Jason Wu
Bottom row, L to R: Costello Tagliapietra, ADAM, BCBG

Everything about Valentine's Day rubs me the wrong way: the drippy sentiments, the market oversaturation, the naked cherubs and flying love arrows. To make matters worse, one can't set foot in a retail space without being completely inundated with red, white, and pink. It's enough yucky love stuff to harden even the mushiest of hearts. So when I saw the proliferation of fuchsia on the runways last week, my heart grew faint: Has Valentine's Day stretched its evil amorous tentacles into other months of the year? 

Have no fear. This pink isn't for shrinking violets. Bright, loud, and expressive, this fuchsia is more about making a statement than professing an undying love. So don your brightest pinks and walk with confidence; Cupid doesn't stand a chance against this. 

Top row, L to R: Matthew Williamson, Devi Kroell, Doo.Ri
Middle row, L to R: Devi Kroell, Matthew Williamson, Hanii Y
Bottom row, L to R: Doo.Ri, Halston, Devi Kroell