Fit Clinic: Birthday Upgrade / by LD

Well, readers and gentlemen, I have good news from the dispatches of Fit Clinic - Long Beach. Awhile back I waxed effusive on the various ways in which fitted trou can change a man's life for the better. If, by some shortsighted act of The Internet, you happened to miss the original post (which is, dare I say, my life's manifesto - or very nearly so), you can read up here. Now if we're all up to speed (pleated trou: devil's playground, fitted trou: angels sing, and so forth), I present you with the latest in my enduring quest to outfit my guys' stems in only the sartorial best Los Angeles has to offer. 

Mike Posey, good friend to men and women alike; teacher by day, ladykiller by night. Mike has good taste - but he lacks the resources to show off his assets (like his scintillating personality, natch). He also happens to be turning 27 years old today, so in an act of good will and generosity, a few of his friends contributed to the recently-founded "I Don't Want No Scrubs" Mike Posey Trou Relief Fund. The entire day is chronicled with my infantile video-editing skills here: 

Didja catch that? Downright snazztastic, I say. At one point in the dressing room, Mike came trotting out in those stunning black trou in the video and he asked if we liked them. My response was a question: "Well, it depends. Will you be okay with me checking you out constantly from now on?"

Apparently the answer was emphatically, "Uh...sure?"

Either way, well done, Mr. Posey. You've officially given every woman from here to the Valley something to drool over.