in transition / by laurel

With summer fading quickly into an autumnal slump, we Los Angelenos know one thing: Fall can be such a drag when it's 85 degrees until the middle of December. 

Denizens of the hallowed grounds south of the Grapevine know that summer hyperextends itself until the first pithy rains sully the month of October, only to flounce back over the horizon in November (this time accompanied by those Santa Anas: The sulfuric morning breath of the East). 

But what's a citizen of sartorialism to do when, beginning August 1, the only offerings stocked in this fair cities' favorite clothing haunts are structured, buttoned up, and made of wool? One can't help but feel like a costumed cartoon character, toiling away their summer in a job at Disneyland while they watch their sweat suck both saline and dignity from their core. 

Ladymags, the self-important Commanders-in-Chief of this fashion wasteland, are already flaunting layers upon layers of tights, cardigans, scarves, blazers, puffers, and fur. Far be it from me to disturb the fashion gods with my pathetic plight, but it's still 90 degrees outside, Ms. Wintour. What's a girl to do?

With that in mind, here are a few starting points of inspiration to transition style mavericks from summer to fall. The fabrics are still light and the hemlines are (for the most part) short, but the color palette owes more to the painted leaves of fall than the darling buds of May. 

Who says that an Indian Summer can't last until Christmas?

(click the pics for full versions)

Light and airy is the name of the game; a t-shirt with a hood epitomizes the L.A. climate

Looks like a jacket, but lacks stifling sleeves; a ventilated scarf to keep you cool

Loose-fitting and made of a lightweight woven: perfect for traipsing about in the sun in November

Short sleeves for the buttoned-up gents; fall colors for the gals

Styles should be loose, not form-fitting

These boots won't overheat your feet; Elle demonstrates artful layering; rose-colored glasses

This dress transitions perfectly from day to night, as well as summer to fall: just add boots and a leather bomber when the weather cools down.