Affordably Yours: House of Harlow 1960 / by laurel

Richie models House of Harlow in InStyle magazine

I'm not usually a fan of celebrities who parlay their fame into ill-conceived fashion exploits. The whole brouhaha surrounding a celebrity 'line' typically smacks of Kathy Ireland's dalliances with K-Mart: Not something anyone with a shred of self-respect or style would touch. Youch! 

Notably, there are a few exceptions. Mila Jovovich's now-defunct line Jovovich-Hawk brought 1970's Canyon Women into a modern-day Los Angeles. The diminutive Olsen twins have packed a one-two punch with their high-end minimalism found in The Row, and their more inventive pieces in Elizabeth & James. Kate Moss's Christmas collection for Topshop sold out in a matter of hours. One of the shared components in all of these lines (save for La Moss' Topshop venture) is cost; if you want high-end, you've got to pay the price. SJP's partnership with Steve & Barry's didn't fare as well, predictably. 

Against all odds (does anyone remember The Simple Life season 1?), Nicole Richie's proverbial hand in the proverbial pot has me impressed. Her jewelry collection, House of Harlow 1960, has vintage Egyptian influences, with classic shapes and subdued colors. The best part is the price: Most pieces are in the $40 range.

I put in an order for my favorite piece today:
It's by far the biggest ring I've ever purchased, but certainly not the most expensive. While I'm not entirely sold in Ms. Richie's talents in fashion design, her foray into jewelry has me intrigued.