Complete and Utter Chaos / by laurel

This blog is brought to you by my sister Jody's laptop. Care to see a screenshot of the daily amount of insanity that she lives with? Good. 

Quick! Find that one .jpg file that you tossed into the steaming cauldron that is your desktop! Time's-a-ticking!

Come to think of it, her laptop isn't the only place where my sister lives in utter squalor. Witness her boudoir:

...And that's just the tiny portion of her room that I managed to capture whilst she was cawing and scratching at my face. "Do you dare defile me?!" She screeched. "You're going to BLOG about this!"

Well, naturally. 

But I'm just SAYING. There's a reason the rats who live in the walls like to hang out around Jody's room.