Economic Recession Chic / by laurel

Times are tough, this we all know.

And for those who work in the clothing industry, this means now is not the time to dig out the old duds from last season because our very livelihood depends solely on our ability to sell, sell, sell. Which is why, when it's time to swipe the credit card and purchase something new, I'm mighty thankful for a little place I like to call Target. 

This outfit is entirely Targét, right down to the shoes. The only thing that stands out as being distinctly not Target, of course, is that little saddle bag I like to call mon cherie Dior. I procured this authentic little gem from my roommate's brother, who had purchased it, beat it up, and in the process of moving, planned to throw it out. 

Doesn't he know we're in an economic recession?! I'll take that bag, I said, and thus my darling Dior was recycled anew. Now that's the kind of green movement I can get behind. 

Jacket, dress, and tights: Target
Shoes: Sigerson Morrison for Target
Bag: Dior
Jewelry: vintage