Knock on Wood / by laurel

I know times are dire, indeed.

But at the beginning of the Summer, the gas station by my house reached a peak of $4.69 per gallon. That same station has fallen back to $2.87, where it's steadily dropping a few cents every couple of days.

I know it won't last that way forever, and I'd be willing to put a sum of money on the bet that prices will reach $5 a gallon before 2010, but for the time being, I'm glad that despite the national trends in any other good or service, gas prices have gone down.  

At early Summer's price, it cost approximately $66 to fill up my tank. Now it costs me $40, a savings of $26 per trip. 

So hey, things may suck right now. They do. But I'll choose to look at the semi-bright side whenever I can. At least if we go into a crazy modern day depression, I'll have enough gas money to get me to Canada.