PR Versus Presidents / by laurel

Now that the dust has settled and the hullaballoo has died down, I would like to point out the painfully obvious here and say that in the world of this vs. that, we had ourselves a veritable maelstrom of potential winners and losers last night. 

First there was that baseball game between that one team and that one other team from that other state, which, over a schooner of Bud on Monday, Jeff informed me was a very important game, indeed.

Then there was the final presidential debate, a real breash of freth air, if you ashk me, friends. 

But there was one battle that went down on the fields of Bryant Park last night that interested me most. Yes, the finale of "Project Runway." For those of you paying any attention at all, let me recap:

Leath-ah, leath-ah, leath-ah
Kenley rips off Balenciaga
That cute guy got kicked off in the second episode
Tim Gunn fussily proclaims, "Holler at your boy!"
Keith has a meltdown
Kenley rips off McQueen
J.Lo breaks her foot
Leanne wins!

The end. 

The season was entertaining, to be sure, but amidst the sea of sub-par designers, the only thing that really stood out to me was the fermenting of Kenley's plucky personality, resulting eventually in a whole episode of sour sneers and vinegar-tainted whining. Eh. 

Nina and Michael accused Ken-Ken of ripping off designers, to which she haughtily seethed, "I don't pay attention to other designers." Oh, really? The best part finally came last night when Nina rolled her eyes at Kenley's designs and recalled Balenciaga's painted fabrics, eventually becoming so flustered that she just threw up her manicured hands in obvious annoyance. BRILLIANT play, Garcia. The gesticulatory equivalent to, "It's boooring."

I found myself annoyed as well, because if you're going to insist upon whining your way to The Tents where the big boys play ball, you'd best know what kind of team you're up against, Ken-Lee, you know what I'm sayin', girl? It's not tossing in the towel to keep abreast of what your so-called fellow-peers-coworkers-equals (HA!) are doing, it's just smart

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, so for the judge and jury I submit my final pieces of evidence in the case of Kenley C. vs. Designers Everywhere.

Left: Kenley's wedding dress
Right: Alexander McQueen, FW08

Left: Kenley's green dress
Right: Balmain, SS09

Left and right: Lanvin, FW07
Middle: Kenley's LBD

Left: Kenley's painted lady
Right: Balenciaga, SS08

Er, come to think of it, not only did Kenley rip off one of fashion's greatest working innovators, she also managed to rip off...herself.

Don't sweat it, Ken. I'm sure Forever21 will love your ability to "diffuse hot runway looks into affordable fashion for teens and young adults!"